School Tours

Lough Key is an ideal venue for school tours where you can combine fun with education and all-day activities or just a few hours which individually or combined makes for an ideal day out for your school tour!

We can tailor any package to suit your group and arrange all timings for you, so please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.

Boda Borg Activity

Boda Borg Activity

fully weather Dependent The First and still the Only one in Ireland!

This activity requires a minimum of three participants and a maximum of five per team. Totally weather independent, it contains numerous challenges with fun filled activities and imaginative puzzles but no instructions! Once you enter only teamwork using countless different skills, ingenuity, trial and error will allow you to survive the Quests….

The Boda Borg has 15 Quests which contain 47 mental and physical challenges. With themed Quests such as ‘Jungle‘, ‘Farm’, ‘Pirates’, ‘Rats’, ‘Star Trails’ just to name a few, there is something to suit everybody.

Boda Borg is suitable from 7 years upwards and we can guarantee 100% Fun!!

The Rockingham Trail

The Rockingham Trail

Lough Key Experience

This guided tour will bring you through the original servant tunnels of the 19th Century Rockingham House to the top of the Moylurg viewing tower providing 360-degree views of Lough Key Park and Estate.

Then for a unique experience, you will meander higher and higher up into the trees on our Tree Canopy Trail, (the only one in Ireland!). This is a stilted timber and steel construction, which gently rises 9mtrs above the park floor and stretches for 300mtrs giving you a bird’s eye view of the parklands and islands on the lake. The tour gives you an insight into how life worked when Rockingham House was a functional family home. It also gives you a brief history of the estate and its owners. You also get to pass by some beautiful specimen trees whilst on the canopy and learn about the flora and fauna which inhabit the parklands.


School Tour

Boda Borg Questing –
Two hours in the weather independent Boda Borg - €19.00 pp
Lough Key Experience – Tour lasts approx. 40 minutes - €5.00 pp
Combination of both - €24.00
Catering Option in the Lakeside Café

There are also numerous picnic benches and areas out in the park if the group wants to bring a packed lunch.

Orienteering and Wheel-O trails

Maps available with us for €10.00 for you to explore the trails with a slightly competitive edge, having to find control points in order to complete the challenge.


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