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Lough Key has for many centuries drawn people to its spectacular views, abundant wildlife, historic buildings and evocative islands. This beautiful landscape is steeped in a rich history.

Now after major development, the historic backdrop encompasses a landmark cluster of unique attractions serving the needs of a 21st-century visitor with a new lakeside centre providing an ideal gateway for gentle leisurely activities or more energetic pursuits in the Park.

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Rockingham Remembered Tour

Discover how this fascinating landscape has been shaped; from underground to up amongst the treetops, ‘Irelands only Tree Canopy Walk, a truly unique experience immersing you in the history, flora and fauna that make Lough Key so unique.

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Walking and Cycling Trails

Walking and Cycling Trails

Walking Trails in Lough Key suit walkers of all abilities. Trails are graded multi access, easy, moderate and strenuous. We also give the length, expected duration and whether the trail is linear or looped.

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Orienteering is an activity that combines running and walking with navigation. Participants use detailed maps to select routes and navigate through different terrain and visit control points in sequence. It’s a really great way to teach outdoor skills to all and you can sharpen your competitive streak when you get good at it too!


Lough Key Forest & Activity Park offers a variety of accessible features to ensure all visitors can enjoy its natural beauty and recreational activities. The park provides wheelchair-accessible trails, picnic areas, and restrooms. Additionally, the visitor center and key attractions, such as the Tree Canopy Walk and the Adventure Play Kingdom, are designed to accommodate any visitors with limited mobility.

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